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April 2018 Newsletter

Pool Hours – Spring and Summer are on the way. Please enjoy the pool – it is available for those with pool passes: 8am to 6pm week days and 12:00Pm to 6:00pm weekends. Driving in the Park – Please remember Redwood Boulevard IS a Boulevard. It is one-way driving on either side of the street. So, please don’t drive on the wrong side of the street! It is absolutely an unsafe, illegal, way to drive! Volleyball Court and Soccer field – As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have a volleyball court in the play yard area and that is open for all to play volleyball any time. So, please use it and enjoy it. Holiday – Our next holiday is Mother’s Day, May 13th, so please do something really special for your Mother. Garbage Collection Schedule –  Yard waste and garbage (black can) is picked up on Tuesday so please put that to the street either Monday night or Tuesday morning and then take the can in on Tuesday night. Friday is when the recycling (blue can) and garbage (black can) are both picked up. So those should be at the curb before the garbage man comes on Friday and then the cans should be brought into your yard after the garbage is picked up. Please don’t leave cans on the sidewalk/street! Noise – Please know that ANY noise that can be heard outside your home at ANY time is too loud – so please keep the noise level down and inside your home. Storage Sheds – Storage sheds must be approved by management before being installed and they...

September 2017 Newsletter

Emergency Yellow Dot Program – Hillsborough County has a new emergency program.  It is called the Yellow Dot program.  It was created by a widow whose husband had a diabetic episode, passed out and hit a tree or pole and was killed in the accident.  She wanted to give something back and created this program.  Go to a fire station (there is one across Sheldon from the park) and ask for a yellow dot – you simply put that on the back window of your car and fill out a medical form for anyone driving or riding in the car who has medical issues and put the completed form in the glove compartment.  Then if you are in an accident and unconscious, the first responders see that yellow dot and immediately go to the glove compartment in your car to see how they can help with any medical emergencies.  A firefighter has expressed what a wonderful program this is to help them help us. Illegal Construction – Any addition to homes needs to have building permits that are issued by the County and the park. Code Enforcement does drive through the park periodically and checks.  There is a fine assessed and an order to remove construction if it doesn’t comply.  Please save yourself time, effort and money and do it right the first time! Construction of any structure on the lot is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and violators are being reported to the County and if the structure is not removed that is grounds for eviction. Please remember that your are renting the lot so you CANNOT build on somebody else’s...

January/February 2015 Newsletter

A Big Thanks We got through the season with no police response to fireworks or firearms calls.  No response because you were all law abiding and didn’t shoot any off.  Thanks! And, also a BIG thanks for controlling your noise level.  Please continue to do that.  It makes everyone’s life much easier and much more pleasant.   And, Happy New Year with Recommended Resolutions Here are some resolutions you will NOT want to break.  Some are cause for eviction or police involvement.   Aggressive Dogs – a recent resident found that refusing to get rid of their aggressive dogs resulted in being evicted from the park. Don’t let this happen to you … and it means not only large aggressive dogs, but small aggressive dogs.  Any dog – especially those not under a person’s control (leashed or in gated yard) can be aggressive to people or other dogs. Dumping anything at the park compound and Driving on the grass will get you an arrest.  Cameras have been installed and when reviewed and identified, police will be called and you will be arrested. House Care – inspect your home Pressure wash it or paint it if that is required. Readable house numbers must be on your house and your mailbox. Check (and replace if necessary) the tie-downs.  Get it done before hurricane season.  Tie-downs are effective for about ten years so if it has been longer than that since those on your house have been replaced, they need to at least be inspected.  For your safety and for the safety of your neighbors. Boats – some boats in the community are viewed as...

December 2014 Newsletter

Christmas Merry Christmas; Happy New Year!  Thank you to those who have brightened our area  this Christmas with your decorations.  They truly make the area festive.   Another Reminder – Fireworks and Firearms Fireworks and Firearms are illegal.  Residents or guests seen using them will be arrested and evicted from the park.  Open-pit fires also are not allowed in the park.  They present a real fire hazard.   Purchasing Houses in the Park Park management approval is required prior to the purchase of any home in this community.  Even if the buyer has lived in the park before or the seller or buyer still live in the park, any home purchase still need to be approved by park management.   It’s The Season to be Jolly, But ….. It is always the season to be considerate of others.  Day and night, morning and noon – afternoon and midnight!  There have been many complaints about cars with loud music as well as loud parties. Loud music in cars has no excuse.  Go over that first speed bump in the front of the park and TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN (and tell your guests to do the same so you don’t get into trouble) and keep it down until you leave the park.  Others may be trying to sleep – no matter the time of day or night – and very possibly they like different music.  Remember some people work during the day and sleep at night; others work at night and sleep during the day! Loud parties have also become an issue.  Move it inside and, once again, keep the noise...

November 2014 Newsletter

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I’m sure it isn’t too hard for each of us to come up with a lot for which we are thankful! Enjoy the day and the season.   Fires, Firearms, and Fireworks Be sure to review the rules about these things – none is allowed in community … this includes open-pit fires. All present a hazard to our community. Don’t forget, you are responsible for your guests and visitors.   Pets Rule 1 – NO feeding animals outside the home. Ducks, cats, birds (except in bird feeders). Rule 2 – Pets (dogs, cats) must be licensed by the county and registered with park. Pets must wear rabies tag. When outside, pets must be kept on a leash at all times. No pet may be left outside the home or in a screen room unattended. Dogs must be approved by management. Owners are responsible for removal of all pet excrement at all times and in all places. Aggressive dogs are NOT allowed in the park no matter the breed or the size! This includes any dog who “goes after” a person or another animal. Owners of such dogs may be evicted from the park.   Home and Site Maintenance Owners are responsible for maintaining their home and its lot. That includes pressure washing (including non-shingled roofs), painting, and lawn service (mowing, weed eating, edging, etc.). Also, there is no storage permitted around or under homes or in screen rooms. All items must be stored inside the home or storage shed, except standard patio furniture and barbecue equipment in good condition, which may...

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